sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2009

Tentarei permanecer calma essa semana, como nesta foto.
O resultado relativo a bolsa para o doutorado sanduíche de
ve sair até o dia 31 de maio. Estou tentando não me trans
formar numa "pilha". Ai que meda. Torçam por mim.

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

Dicas: Grande viaggio/ great trip/ grande viagem

Departure: Terra Santa (Salvador da Bahia)
Arrival: Old Continent

Data: 12.23.2008
The luggage adventure at Barcelona’s subway
Places to know:

Transilvania. I was changed to one of the most famous criatures from films. I was a vampire. A little vampire, as Andre called me. On Barcelona’s winter I slept all Day long and enjoy the nights. And many photos from the turistic points were taken during nights. A great beautiful place is theSagrada Família church. It is one of the most wonderful bulding tha I had saw. But I lost to see the gothic place.


I spent few time at Portugal. But I liked very much the Gerônimos Cathedral.
Some places remember the historical parties of Salvador. I spent time in the Expo bairro, modern and beautiful architecture.

Who loves chocolate... Nestlé store is a espetacular delicious palce to buy, but nothing is cheap for us, brazilians.
Montraux montains look like a film. The cold is terrible. It seems that I had pain in my bones, but the view is unbelievable.

Every Italy Duomos. Duomo is the Word used to the biggest or must important cathedrals of the city. So it seems that every city at Italy has duomos. So, don’t loose the duomos from Firenze, Milan and Rome. I had knew them and they are …….uffff
Rome – views of Il colosseo and Il Forum. And San Pietro cathedral in Vaticano. Imponency.
What I’d notice? In general the most beautiful buildings are also the biggest ones. It is impossible to notice that the human being prefer what is bigger.

The adventures that I don’t want to live again:
Departure - Portugal Arrival - Suiça:

New adventure to Suitzerland:
I left home at 7 a.m. to reache Vevey. I had arrived at 9 p.m. The flight woult take 3 hours. This time was the first that I missed Brazil.
There was snow and was impossible to stop the airplane in the airport of Genebra. So we stopped at Lins’s airport. French speakers and I felt like a E.T.

Roma and Firenze walkings:
I walked so much, so much. When I tooked my shoes off I had blood on my feet. But ...everything was all right. This is a good sacrifice. It seemed that I climbed all the stairs that exist in the world. And I really climebed many stairs. At the Firenze Duomo I climbed 420 degrees to see a wonderful view. At Rome I climbed 220 degrees inside the cúpula of San Pietro Cathedral.

And finally….Milano….paradoxal Milano
What can I think after know Milano? Paradoxal as our country. And and didn’t gave up to live there next year. This is my city. Streesing, mature…. Palce to work and to enjoy the nights…to have many friends and to feel alone too. Paradoxl like me.
It’s a dirty city…really dirty.
The Vitoria Emanuelle II Galerry is a great place. Dirty? Never. Near Via Napoleone…the most famous fashion street of Milano.
For me people are sweet, really sweet. I liked this. And the best thing is that men cook very well.
Good Hotel: Albergo .... em Firenze. Aconchegante e organized.

Departure: Old Continent
Arrival: Terra Santa (Salvador de* Bahia)
Data: 01.20.2009

Special knowlegments:
Juli, Jadiel and André from Barcelona
Paulo Vitor from Lisboa
Heliane and Peter From Vevey
Giovanni, Nicola, Elenia, Davide and Giorgios from Milão, my future city residence.